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SoulPancake iPhone App Makes Your Phone Magical

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The SoulPancake team is proud to annonce the arrival of the SoulPancake app for iPhone! You can now have those amazing SoulPancakey discussions at your fingertips. What's that you say? You can easily snap pictures for your conversations? Indeed.

Of course we like it, but here are some nice words from people who think our app is magical: 

"Over three years after its launch on the Web through the initiative of Rainn Wilson of “The Office” fame, SoulPancake has finally made its way to iOS. And the result is quite yummy, if I do say so myself." - Aldrin Calimlim of (

"If you’re the type who likes to avoid small talk and prefers talking about deeper, arguably more interesting topics you’re going to love this app." - Appinati (

"LOVE IT. Sharing ideas, joining in ideas, this app is more than an app. It's a platform for hungry minds - thus, pancakes (:" - BoastfulMIND (

And our favorite:

"What is this sorcery??" - bbbanksy (


And don't worry Android people, you're up next. So download the app now and start chewing on life's big questions!


Major shoutout to Jason Bender (TheCodeBender) for making this beautiful beast.


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