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About SoulPancake
What is SoulPancake? top of page

SoulPancake develops thought-provoking content and creative engagement opportunities that encourage people to explore what it means to be human. Founded in 2008 by actor Rainn Wilson (of NBC’s The Office), SoulPancake is fast-becoming a leading catalyst for interactions around Life’s Big Questions—topics such as art, philosophy, creativity, and spirituality. SoulPancake spans multiple distribution channels, from web to print to video to live events.

Who is SoulPancake? top of page

SoulPancake is whipped up by a supremely talented, devastatingly good-looking, team of writers, editors, software engineers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and all sorts of other creative geniuses from all over the world.

What does Rainn Wilson have to do with SoulPancake? top of page

Actor Rainn Wilson co-created this site with two of his friends, Joshua Homnick and Devon Gundry. SoulPancake sprang out of their desire to create a space where people from all walks of life could discuss and question what it means to be human—a place to wrestle with the spiritual, philosophical, and creative journey that is life. They sat around one night trying to figure out what to call the site, and eliminated Spirit Waffle (too square) and Soul Casserole (because, let's be honest, casserole is a bitch to spell) before settling on the tasty SoulPancake.

What are Life’s Big Questions? top of page

Life's Big Questions tackle all those topics that we all think about but don't always get a chance to talk about—you know, the ones that gnaw at your innards but by bringing them up you're risking conversation suicide. We are going to go there (and wherever 'there' is may not always be pretty) so jump in, question away, and speak your mind.

What are Activities? top of page

These are interactive, hands-on posts where you can bust out your sketchbook, camera, stapler, or even your macrame kit. The individual expression of art and creativity is a powerful tool for exploring Life's Big Questions, so rock your smock and get your crafty on.

What are Perspectives? top of page

This is where you will find longer-form columns, interviews, and video profiles created by SoulPancake's team of opinionated, creative and thoughtful contributors.

Are there any rules of conduct on SoulPancake? top of page

You can read about SoulPancake's official terms of conduct in our Terms of Use. But in short, although we don't believe in censoring ideas or conversation, we do want to make sure that SoulPancake is a safe space for everyone to wrestle with Life's Big Questions. So if you're thinking about being a racist, porn-peddler, or general jackass, we may hire some muscle to escort you from the building.

How do I contact SoulPancake? top of page

You can send us a message via this fancy little form, or you can email us directly:

Technical Support: support (at) soulpancake (dot) com
General Questions: info (at) soulpancake (dot) com
Advertising Inquiries: advertising (at) soulpancake (dot) com
Media/Press: press (at) soulpancake (dot) com
Contribute: Click Here

Account, Login, and Password
How do I create an account? top of page

Login with Facebook. Bam. Done.

How do I log in? top of page

Just click that delicious little blue Facebook button.

Oops, I forgot my password. Help! top of page

Simply visit this Password Reset page and follow the instructions. For security reasons, an auto-generated password will be sent to your email. Login to SoulPancake with that auto-generated password and change your password to whatever you want.

I think my account was suspended. Who do I contact? top of page

If you think your account was suspended, please email support (at) soulpancake (dot) com.

How do I change my account information? top of page

Your account information can be accessed by visiting your Settings. You can access this by selecting 'Settings' in the drop-down menu under your account name.

How do I delete my account? top of page

We are still working this into the site in the most non-destructive way. For now, get in touch with us and we will help you out.

Dashboard, Profile, and Settings
What is My Dashboard? top of page

When you are logged into your SoulPancake account, your dashboard is a landing page that is custom tailored for you, to give you easy access to the information that flows through SoulPancake—everything from fresh content, new threads, and your friends' activities. And remember: Your dashboard is precisely that... your dashboard, which means no one else can see it.

How do I view my profile? top of page

To view your profile, simply click your blue username text at the top right of any page and select "View profile". When not logged in, simply type soulpancake.com/people/[your username] into the browser.

What activity does my profile display? top of page

Your profile displays a news feed which includes all your actions across SoulPancake, such as: questions you've submitted, responses you've posted, activities you've engaged in, posts you've liked, and new followers.

What does that number mean next to my Username? top of page

That means you have a new direct message. Click on it. Someone wants to say hello!

How do I change my profile picture? top of page

Go to your Settings, click on the "Picture" tab, and upload a new profile picture.

How can I hide my full name? top of page

Go to your Settings, click on the About tab, and erase your first and last name.

How do I manage notifications? top of page

Go to your Settings and click on the Notifications tab. There, you can select which notifications you want to receive.

Facebook and twitter
How does Facebook interact with SoulPancake? top of page

By integrating Facebook with SoulPancake, you can share all of your activity from around SoulPancake to your Facebook wall. You can also import any Facebook friends that are also members of SoulPancake and start following them.

Will my private information be shared? top of page

Nope! We will never share any of your private information. Period.

Can I manage what gets published to my Facebook wall? top of page

Absolutely! You can manage what gets published to your Facebook wall by selecting which activity you would like to share from within your Facebook settings on SoulPancake. (view screenshot)

Nothing I do seems to be posting to Facebook, what gives? top of page

Please make sure that the content you wish to share is properly selected (view screenshot) from within your Facebook settings on SoulPancake.

Can I import my SoulPancake friends from Facebook? top of page

You most certainly can! After successfully connecting your Facebook account to SoulPancake, simply click the "Import Friends" (view screenshot) button from within your Facebook settings, and SoulPancake will attempt to import all of your Facebook friends.

Can I disable Facebook from interacting with SoulPancake? top of page

Yes, you can disable Facebook interaction at any time from the link at the bottom of your Facebook settings on SoulPancake. Additionally, you can disallow privileges for SoulPancake on Facebook itself.

How does twitter interact with SoulPancake? top of page

By integrating SoulPancake with twitter, you can share all of your activity from around SoulPancake with your twitter followers. Also, you can include your twitter handle on your SoulPancake profile.

Can I manage what gets tweeted to my followers? top of page

Of course you can! Simply select which content you wish to share from within your twitter settings on SoulPancake. You can select to auto-tweet your questions, responses and favorites (view screenshot). You can always go back and uncheck the boxes to stop tweeting at any time.

Nothing I do is getting tweeted, what gives? top of page

Please make sure that you've selected the checkboxes (activity you wish to share) from within your twitter settings on SoulPancake (view screenshot).

Can I disable twitter from interacting with SoulPancake? top of page

To disable your tweets, simply uncheck the tweet activity boxes and save your twitter settings. If you would like to completely disconnect your twitter account from SoulPancake, simply click the link at the bottom of your twitter settings. You can also remove SoulPancake tweeting permission over on Twitter itself.

How do I comment on a post? top of page

Easy. First, make sure you're logged in. Then, simply click inside the 'What do you think?' box at the bottom of the post and add your thoughts!

How do I respond to another user's comment? top of page

First, make sure you're logged in. Then, simply click the reply button in the user's comment, and start typing!

How can I send a direct message to another user? top of page

First, make sure you're logged in. Then, simply click the Username of the user you want to direct message which will direct you to that user's Profile page. Next, click the 'Message' button above the user's Profile picture.

What are @Replies? top of page

@Replies track when other members respond directly to something you've said on SoulPancake. You can view your direct replies in a number of places. For quick access, they'll be tracked in the utility bar at the top of any page on SoulPancake. You can also view them by going to the Replies page from your dashboard or by visiting your public profile and clicking on the @Replies tab. You can also view any other SoulPancake member's @Replies by visiting their profile page. Lastly, you can choose to be notified of new @Replies via email. To manage those notifications, go to your Settings, then click on the Notifications tab.

We are still working on our Search function. It's a super important feature for the site and to the SoulPancake community, so we don't want to half-ass it. It will be released as soon as it's ready, which we hope will be very soon.

How do I share interesting stuff I find on SoulPancake? top of page

On every page, you will see a unit of links allowing you to share content, whether it's a submission to the Question Collective, a Thread, or an article page. There is also a unit of sharing/social media links above the comment box. Simply click any of those links to share that piece of media across any of the provided Web sites or services (view screenshot).

The Question Collective
How do I submit a question to the Question Collective? top of page

Go here. Or, use the site's navigation to get there. Remember, you must first be logged into your SoulPancake account to submit a question to the Question Collective.

How many questions can I submit? top of page

You can submit as many questions as you'd like, as often as you want. Whatever question you're chewing on, get the community in on it, and let the discussion begin.

Can I edit or delete my submissions? top of page

You can edit your Question Collective submissions for up to 30 minutes. However, you cannot delete them. If, for some reason, you need to revise one of your previous submissions, please email support (at) soulpancake (dot) com with the details, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

How do I share a Question Collective submission? top of page

To share a submission internally with your two-way friends on SoulPancake, simply select those you want to notify when you submit the question (view screenshot). To send your submission to sites such as Twitter and Facebook or via email, simply find the unit of links for sharing/social media (view screenshot) at the bottom of each submission and share away!

Following People
How do I follow another user? top of page

To follow another user, go to that member's profile page and click the Follow button next to their username. You will immediately begin to follow their SoulPancake activities, and updates will begin appearing in your Friends' Activity Stream in your dashboard.

Can I block a user from following me? top of page

Yes. If you would like to block a user from following your activities in their streams, go to your Followers list, locate that member, and click Options. From the flyout menu, select Block This User.