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Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows

One for the vegetarians to cut and keep -
I tend to agree, and would say that I am a meat eater who does not numb themselves against what I am doing - and would have no problem eating golden retriever or guinea pig (indeed guinea pigs were first imported to the UK fro breeding as a food animal).

To me the crunch point is the awareness - I have killed, prepared and eaten animals myself. That created a real awareness.
Those who only ever see "meat animals" in supermarket packs have probably not done anything but fall into the description that the professor outlines above.

For the planet to survive we need to reduce meat consumption to about a quarter of its current levels by 2025 (population increase and resource scarcity issues)

This insightful talk may help some people make a wiser choice....

(or maybe, when he dies, eat the dog)

What do you think?