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Do you lie to your spouse?

This is a long question, it needs to be detailed.

The main question is, do you lie to your wife/husband? Yes? No? sometimes? Often?

I'm not talking about small lies. I am talking about hiding old history. Do you think you are supposed to reveal all of your past to your future husband/wife before getting married? Or the past is the past? Do you consider hiding such history is lying or cheating? Or is it normal and it's none of his/her business? Would you like to know everything that happened in his/her past or it doesn't really matter? Only what matters is what he/she is right now?

The second part of the question, do you hide things sometimes? Or are you the type who can't keep anything to yourself? Do you feel the need to share everything with your spouse?

Share your experience, stories or opinion with us. What do you think? What do you do? You prefer lying or hiding or being totally 100% honest? Do you expect the same from your spouse? How is it going until now?

P.S. Those who answer don't have to answer again.

What do you think?