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What do you know about our entitlement programs ?

A recent national politician stated that the poor are taken care of here through entitlement programs ..Do you know what that looks like ?
An average of 500 dollars per household from SSI .
About fifty dollars per household member for food cards .
There is subsidized housing where one pays a fraction of ones income but when I checked the nearest large city to me , there were 3000 families on the waiting list for a place to live .
Most poor families qualify for Medicaid here..so medical concerns are addressed..that does not include eye or dental care .
You can get an Oboma phone for free 250 min . a month if you qualify .
There are 35 food banks in the large city near me , most are open one day a month , many are open more . If you go later and don't stand inline ...there are very slim pickings .
Nealy none of the food banks I checked on for a friend carry meat or any protein and when they do it is usually a pack of hotdogs .. what you get is bread , small cans of spaghetti sauce , some canned vegetables and lots of plain macaroni these are all one portion per family ..no staples like sugar , flour or coffee . there are usually sweets like cup cakes .
Also things like toothpaste and laundry detergent are offered .
Who can live on 700/ month for a family of three?
And yet we do..
I'm interested in your feedback...

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