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How do you follow organized religion in the modern world?

I grew up in an incredibly closed minded Catholic household. Everything was black and white, right or wrong. You believed the teachings because that's what the bible says, and it was a sin if you didn't.

I have since lived in several different states, travelled the world and met people of all faiths. I struggle with holding on to a religion I was raised in, that makes up so much of "me," but one where I question the beliefs. ......Why is it wrong that I live with my boyfriend? Why can my best friend who's gay never marry, or ever practice his true sexuality? Why is the Catholic church the only religion that's right?.....

My question is......in a modern world, can you follow an organized religion? Do you practice a faith and just not believe everything? Can I, or you, still be Catholic and not embrace the whole faith? Or must you believe it all?

What do you think?