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Relationships, love, partners. Why do I feel a strong pull toward someone?

Some background: I have had someone in my life for about 10 years. He was my first love and we started dating our Sophomore year of high school. We only dated for about 9 months, broke up, then truly became best friends. We have been through everything together (more of a wide range of events than I can describe). We have grown together, challenged each other, supported each other, loved each other. We tried to date again, it lasted about 2 years, and we broke up for multiple reasons. We decided to give ourselves a clean break and not keep in contact for the last 2 years. Despite much growth and self-actualization during that time, I still find myself drawn to him, and he to me. Is it a first love thing? No one else challenges my soul to reach higher, while also making me feel at home. There is a peace in my soul when I connect with him that I cannot describe, nor have I had that same feeling with anyone else, including myself. It is as though I instantly begin functioning at a higher level, like someone turned on the lights. I have done a lot of soul searching and growing to cultivate that peace within myself. It is still developing, but not instant like it is with him. Even after months of not speaking, it is as though not a day had passed. I just want to know if anyone has experienced this and what it means. Does your first love really impact you that much or is it a unique relationship? Just to add, Despite being apart for two years, we still have the same feelings.

What do you think?