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Is the free enterprise system in the West able to create more jobs? Is unemployment the most important problem?

Why do politicians disingenuously imply that individuals, e.g., Obama or Bush, are to blame for high unemployment? Technology (e.g., the kindle) has made many jobs obsolete. A lot of other work is outsourced to countries with cheaper labor. It is not obvious that people will continuing to buy the latest discretionary items, such as the newest i-phone or HDTV, at the same rate in the future. High Tech, like other industries, is cyclical. Can we assure that almost everyone will eventually find a job? Are jobs really the most important issue today? This opinion piece asserts there are sufficient resources for all Americans to have their needs met. http://articles.cnn.com/2011-09-07/opinion/rushkoff.jobs.obsolete_1_toll-collectors-robots-jobs?_s=PM:OPINION
Of course, most Americans dislike socialism and want to work for their money. And they do not want the government to create jobs, despite the deterioration of infrastructure, such as bridges. But don't we live in a new economic world in which we need new solutions?

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