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Do something eye-opening.
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Divine Diet

You don’t need to create your own religion—just the diet for one. List the things you can and can’t eat in the religion of you.

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True Romance

Write the first line to your own romance novel.

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Morning in a Moment

Coffee, alarm clocks, sunrises, the newspaper. Upload a photo of a morning moment.

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Lessons of Love

It's Wondereur Wednesday: what relationship taught you the most about yourself?

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Sleep Deprivation

You know you are tired when...

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It's Elemental

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Post a photo of one of the original elements.

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In the Mood Music

Write out your set list of the sexiest songs ever.

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SP Contributors Best-Of Katelan Cunningham

When will you be your future self? Is paradise lost?

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SoulPancake Rewind: 10 Word Biography

Write your biography in 10 words or less.

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Celebration Snap Shot

Upload your best party pic.

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SP Contributors Best-Of Marcelo Quarantotto

Are you a perpetual misfit? What are your essential objects? What are you the worst at?

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Art Start

Wondereur Wednesday asks: What was your very first art project?

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SP Contributors Best-Of Naomi Mac Millan

In 20 words or less, tell us how you live. 'Nuff said.

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Little Green Monsters

What were the last 3 things that made you envious?

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Happily Horizontal

Upload a photo of your favorite place to relax and grab some ZZZZZZZZs

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SoulPancake Rewind: Reel Haiku

Write a haiku about the last good movie you watched.

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Incredible Ink

Upload a photo of the coolest tattoo on you or one of your friends.

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SP Contributors Best-Of Jenn Ashton

Write your latest mantra. Defend the human race. Describe your best friend.

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Shot of Inspiration

It's Wondereur Wednesday! Post a picture of a mysterious object that ignites your imagination.

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SP Contributors Best-Of Todd Steinberg

Does imagination die? What is originality? What is worth waiting more than one lifetime to achieve?

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Mystery in a Minute

Write the first line to your mystery novel.

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Weirdo Suit

Upload a photo of the funkiest, strangest thing in your wardrobe that you love to wear.

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SoulPancake Rewind: Light Spy

Find some light in whatever form it catches your eye today. Snap a picture and upload it here.

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Martyr Dumb

Write about a time your suffering and self-sacrifice went on for way too long

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Best Group Name Ever

It's Wondereur Wednesday! If you and your friends formed a group to make art or music or video, what would you call yourselves?

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Five Friendly Favors

What are five awesome favors you can do for a friend?

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SoulPancake Rewind: Post-It Portrait

Upload your self-portrait created on a Post-it.