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Do something eye-opening.
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19 Writing

Anything But Routine

Break out of your rut and find Godzilla-sized inspiration for today's quick-write.

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Welcome to the Machine

Put your blue collar on and take a photo of machinery and industry in action.

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What's Your Mantra?

What do you keep repeating yourself to get you through the grind?

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Worth a Single Word

Short and sweet. Take a picture of one word that sums you up. There's just one catch...

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36 Writing

Appropriately Inappropriate

Quick-write about a time you weren't laughing with them, you were laughing at them.

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Capture Your Contradiction

Are you a complex person? Prove it with a quick-pic of one of your own little contradictions.

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Disappearing Act

Capture one of life's fleeting photographic moments and upload it to the gallery!

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70 Writing

Cranky Quick Writing

Let the poison out! Free-write your angst away...

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20 Photo

Capture Your Cosmology

Take a picture that tells 1,000 words about the culture you live in.

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38 Writing

Spring Cleaning Your Soul

Quick-write away your winter's discontent.

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92 Writing

Do Nothing!

Can you do absolutely nothing for 2 whole minutes? What's it like?

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72 Writing

Step Back in Time Status Update

Micro-write a status update from history.

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23 Photo

Go to Your Dark Place

Take a photo of something deep and dark and then divulge it to us all.

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40 Writing

How Are We Like Ants?

Use animal as allegory for today's quick-write.

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21 Photo

As Dirty as You Wanna Be

Show us your filthy dirty side. Upload a gorgeous shot of garbage to the gallery.

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TakePart Tuesdays: Are you what you eat?

Snap a picture of whatever it is you've been shoveling into your gorgeous self.

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60 Writing

Slow Mo Moments

Quick write a time in your life that seems like it happened in slow motion.

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198 Writing

Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Write about who you are alls growns up.

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22 Photo

Buddy Incognito

Take a picture of a new, secret friend.

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96 Writing

Write Before You Explode!

What is it that you absolutely, positively cannot stand any more?

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100 Writing

Forecast Your Feelings

Describe your mood as a weather forecast.

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50 Photo

Shine a Light!

Take a picture of luminosity and share the light with the world!

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143 Writing

Quotable You

Whaddya say? Pen your own personal quote-worthy quote.

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61 Writing

And the Oscar goes to...

Quick-write the acceptance speech for your life.

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127 Writing

Poem Your First

Life is full of firsts: first loves, first cars, first books, first kisses. Poem one of your firsts.

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Clergical Candids

There's spirituality happening everywhere: Go snapture it! Then link us to your photo below.

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SoulPancake Remix: What's Your Fine Print?

What's your personal warning label? Whip out your legal pad, and write up your fine print.