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Do something eye-opening.
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The Best of You, The Worst of You

Quick write both your highest highs and your lowest lows in 100 words or less.

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Rock Star Alias

List out your glam rock, hip hop, rock and roll, heavy metal, or country music alias stage names.

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Tweeting to the Oldies

Describe the sights, smells, and sounds of your grandparents in 140 characters or less.

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Kid at Heart Quiz

No adults allowed: list the ways you embrace your inner child.

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In Graphic Detail

Sketch out the plot lines to your life as a graphic novel.

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Expose Yourself!

List the ways you show people the purest, most vulnerable version of you.

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What's Your Anthem?

We are the Champions. Eye of the Tiger. What's your personal anthem of choice?

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God's Backstory

Dossier on the divine: write a quick character sketch for God.

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Dirty Pictures

Smoking. Nail biting. Junk food. Upload a photo of a bad habit.

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Signs of Life

Tell us about one of the most important "signs" in your life in 100 words or less.

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38 Writing

Your Most Amazing Discoveries

List the most incredible things you've discovered in life.

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Texturize It

Upload your coolest photo that maximizes textures.

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6 Word Soulmate

Describe your ideal soulmate in six words or less.

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Beatify Yourself!

List the ways you could live a more saintly existence.

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The Devil Inside

Opposition. Adversary. Temptation. In 100 words or less describe the metaphorical Satan in your life.

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The Kid Stays in the Costume

Upload a photo of your best Halloween costume as a kid.

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Top 3 Reasons to Let it Go

List the three best reasons to forgive and forget.

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Full Weather Exposure

Tune into your weather channel and upload your weatheriest weather photo to the gallery.

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Dream Weavers

Illustrate your daydreams. Upload your sketches here.

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Smells So Sweet

Gasoline. Leather. Skunk. List your favoritest unusual smells.

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23 Writing

DIY Role Model

Build your own role model from the best parts of the people you look up to.

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45 Writing

Linguistic Fingerprints

In 140 characters or less, name the distinguishing aspects of your writing.

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Your Musical History Mixtape

List out the songs that highlight your own musical history.

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Art Catcher!

Don’t let that awesome art get away! Upload a photo of the coolest piece of art you see today.

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Gabbing With God

Compose a dialogue between you and God.

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Accessory Shot

You are what you take with you. Upload a pic of the contents of your wallet, purse, or pockets.

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Personal Public Proclamation

It's Wondereur Wednesday: Write a 50 word manifesto to proclaim in public!